New Additions

A few months ago I switched to Canon. When I bought my camera body [5d] I also purchased the 50mm 1.4. As great as the 50mm was, it didn't always give me the wide angles I needed so I decided it was time to add to my photography family. 
Here's the newest addition... My 28mm 1.8! I've had it for a little over a week and I simply adore it! It gives me the wide angles I need with great depth of field.
Also, with a wedding in Florida fast approaching [yes, my first destination wedding!] I also needed to purchase a camera bag to use while shooting. This was an obvious choice... the Shootsac by Jessica Claire!
I've heard nothing but great things about this bag and now that I own one myself I can say that all the rumors are true. This bag is all its made up to be and more!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Miss me?

Hi all! It's 11:47pm on Tuesday night. I'm about to jump in the shower [yes, i'm one of those "i-like-showers-at-midnight" people]. But I just wanted to blog and say

"hi...i'm alive!"

I was going through a i'm-sick-of-blogging phase but i'm soooo over it!

Right now, I'm on Spring Break! Spending my days at home, eating lots of Mom's good cooking, sleeping in, and just enjoying life. Tons of blogging nonsense coming your way soon.